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Immediate counselling
from Captain Tom Bunn

Captain Tom Bunn





Captain Bunn MSW, LCSW

Captain Tom Bunn, an airline captain and licensed therapist, is President and founder of SOAR, Inc. More


Changing how it feels - Without understanding why flying is a problem for you, no one can help. Airline Captain and Licensed Therapist, Tom Bunn MSW, CSW has unraveled the mystery of why and has helped over 7000 overcome fear and anxiety.

Stop claustrophobia, high anxiety and panic. Captain Tom provides personalised help to not only regain control but to establish AUTOMATIC full control.

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Flying tomorrow or soon
Immediate help by phone
Personal Phone Consultation

Rapid & Complete Relief
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Flying tomorrow or soon

18 or 40 videos plus counselling

So many people get unexpectedly anxious
just before their flight that we created two special Programmes to provide effective help in the shortest time possible. Enroll Now

Rapid Relief
Is your flight tomorrow or the next day? Now is the time to act. Make a huge improvement in how you feel with Rapid Relief including a 20 minute session.

Complete Relief
Is your flight in 3 to 10 days? Get all Rapid Relief features and session plus important additional clips to prove a solid foundation for overcoming every flight problem. Get Take Me Along free!

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Immediate counselling
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Flying very soon - Call Captain Tom now!


Stop claustrophobia, high anxiety and panic with effective help. Unlike Programmes for mild anxiety, Captain Tom Bunn - both an airline captain and licensed therapist - has advanced help that works for everyone, however difficult the problem.

Gain control of your feeling. Captain Tom leads you to not only regain control but to establish AUTOMATIC control that stops high anxiety and panic before it can even start. The personalised help from Captain Tom provides EVERYTHING you need to regain full control.












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